December 8, 2008


Confession: I'd never used a laundromat before today.

As I've been without a washer and dryer for 2+ weeks and my new ones won't be delivered until a week from tomorrow, I had no choice but to hit the laundromat. I had so much dirty laundry it was unbelievable! I filled 4 of the big capacity washers and 2 of the regular ones and it took 7 dryers to get all of our stuff dry. 3 hours and $30 poorer (I had no idea laundromats were so expensive) all of my laundry was nice and clean and ready to be put away instead of lying all over the floor because my hampers and laundry baskets were over flowing. Good thing Starbucks was next door :-)


Cheryl said...

wow! that's a lot of laundry! how did Maddox do at the laundromat?

Jill said...

Laundromats are seriously no fun. I had to do the same thing a few months ago when we sold our machines before we moved. It's ridiculously expensive.