December 6, 2008


We're slowly settling into our new home. We pretty much love everything about it, but we're still not unpacked. I look around and really don't feel very unpacked at all. It's A LOT of work! We finally have the shed up. It took more time then we anticipated, but it's done! Kyle picked it up Thursday and then we spent all of our daylight hours yesterday and today putting it together. EXHAUSTING! I have pictures of the process, but I need to find a USB cord somewhere in my unpacked house.

I think the unpacking process is taking so long (aside from being gone for 8 days!) because I'm pregnant and in my 3rd trimester and I get tired easily, plus chasing and playing with a toddler take a lot of time, too. Add that to our normal life of youth ministry and the moving process just takes a long time!!!

Now that the shed is up I think that things will move a little quicker since I can move in my utility room which is also my kitchen overflow. But, then again, I would need to actually be able to physically move, which is painful right now after 2 days of shed building! Oh the woes of life.


Jessi said...

Hey Emily...just was on another website and though of you, because you're so thrifty!
Check out Can't wait for you to find your USB cord so we can see some pics of the new house!
Love, Jessi

Cheryl said...

i too am looking forward to pictures of the house. 3rd trimester already??!! wow time has gone by fast.

Nicole said...

Can't wait to see pictures of the new place!!

Candice said...

whew, i was getting tired just reading all that you got going on! Take a breath and relax too when you can! It's hard not being able to get more done than you would like with a toddler and a pregnant belly! May the Lord be your strength.

Shelley said...

Poor girl! You need a pedicure or something! Maybe we should do a girls day when we're in Idaho!