August 1, 2008

This & That

I woke up yesterday feeling like I was getting a bladder infection. So, I had to make a Drs. appt. and go get it checked out. They couldn't tell me anything for like 3 days which would put us into the weekend, so she went ahead and wrote a prescription for me to start taking because it wouldn't hurt to just get on something before it turned into something worse like a kidney infection. I've only ever had one bladder infection before and that was when I was about 13 weeks pregnant with Maddox, so I guess that's just when I get them. Weird.

Today, I feel terrible. Almost like I have the flu. It's not been a good day. Oh well, I'll survive!


Shelley said...

awh, I'm sorry, hun! Hope you feel better soon!

cheryl said...

ohh, you poor girl. i hope get better soon. Sounds like you are really having a rough time.