August 12, 2008

WooHoo! 10 Weeks!

So, I'm 10 weeks now! Yippee!!! Only a few more weeks until I should hopefully be feeling 100% again. Every day I'm feeling way better, though. I haven't thrown up in at least 4 days, maybe 5, I can't remember. Needless to say, not throwing up is accomplishing a feat in and of itself! It's funny, though, I didn't have 2 major pregnancy "symptoms" with Maddox that I have horribly this time around. I have to pee ALL the time and I can literally eat non-stop. I'm ALWAYS hungry. I didn't have either of those with Maddox. I haven't gained any weight yet, though! Yippee!

We've been watching lots of Olympics around here, at least the sports that we enjoy watching like beach Volleyball, the swimming finals and gymnastics (at least I enjoy it). The 150 mile long bike races, PALEAZE, waste of time.

Maddox is 18 months old tomorrow, I can hardly believe it. He's growing up in the quite the little boy. He really is quite a ham. Loves to play hide and go seek and loves to make us laugh. One of his favorite things is chasing me down with the hose outside. He doesn't talk yet, but I can tell he's storing it all up in his head and one of these days will start speaking in complete sentences. He babbles, but nothing is really coherent yet. He's also quite the little artist. He loves to sit in his high chair and scribble with crayons for hours on end. I have to keep pens and pencils up high or else who knows what he'll be coloring. In the car yesterday, it was his legs.

We were going to take a little trip down to the Bay Area, California (Kyle grew up there) to visit Kyle's dad, brother and family at the end of August. But, with the house being for sale and all we decided to hold off and rebook our tickets for November and we'll go down for Thanksgiving. Which, works out fabulously because Kyle's sister said she would come up from San Diego, too, so we can see her as well.

Alrighty, that's all for now. Nap time! For both Maddox and me!

Here's a picture of the sling I won! So cute!


Hannah said...

That sling is gorgeous! I checked out the website too. I love my sling. Once you figure out how to wear it and get in the routine it's so quick and easy. I like it better then my baby bjorn. Maddox is adorable. So grown up now. I'm glad to hear you are feeling better :)

Nicole said...

He's gettin so big! I can't wait to see you guys again :-) And the sling is VERY cute! I'm still very jealous! ;-)

Anonymous said...

I love the pic of you and Maddox - it is very sweet. only 30 weeks to go!

By the way, sorry I didn't call you on Saturday - I completely spaced it as we didn't pack anything until Saturday morning... so we were behind schedule. So, we just need to schedule a time for us to get together!!


Shawna said...

What part of the Bay Area will you be in? We are heading up to see Roy's family (Turlock) and will making a stop in San Jose from Friday - Sunday of Thanksgiving week to catch up with old friends. I'd love to see you if you'll be around.


Katie said...

you are so cute! I like the sling a lot ... I use my new native that looks a lot like that one with Alex, and Addie, too, in the hip carry position. What positions can you use with that one?

Lovetts said...

yeah for reaching ten weeks!! i'm so glad you are feeling better. I was real sick with Bryce but not so much with Grant. Every pregnancy is different I'm told. What cute picture of you and Maddox.