August 29, 2008

The Latest

The home inspection was completed yesterday and everything passed fabulously. We were hoping to hear from the buyer by yesterday afternoon to hear if she had an offer addendum to write up possibly asking us for some money to fix the driveway. Apparently, there are some surface cracks in the garage floor that are really bothering her that she wants to have looked at. We won't hear from her until Tuesday to find out what her addendum is going to be. Which means for us, that we still don't know if the house is sold for sure. Our close date is Sept. 10, less than 2 weeks away. Please keep praying!

We did go look at the townhouse we're hoping to rent and we love it. It has really high ceilings downstairs and vaulted in all of the bedrooms upstairs. It has a very different floor plan from any townhouse I've ever seen and love it.

Still waiting and praying.

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Donielle said...

Surface cracks? Seriously? :-) Good luck - hope all goes well!