July 28, 2008

Some Things You Ought To Know

1. I haven't "deal" grocery shopped in about a month. The primary reason being that it's a lot of work and I don't feel up for it. Plus, the though of most food makes me want to puke, so walking through the grocery store as quick as possible and just getting what Maddox needs to survive is about all I can muster. Man, I hope this morning sickness passes soon!

2. Our house is officially on the market and has had 4 lookers in 5 days. It's exhausting business, I'm telling you. But, my house is spotless pretty much all the time. I can be ready to walk out the door in less than 10 min. if necessary and have the house "show" ready. Some of you are probably wondering why we're selling our house. I'll give you an answer in a nut shell. 1) I hate yard work, we have a big yard. 2) our mortgage is high and we're not saving any money 3) we're trying to cut our expenses so that we can better be prepared for the future. So, we're selling our house and we're going to rent indefinitely and save, save, save. We're going to down size and I'm actually excited about it! Our house has always been too big for us and it just creates too much room for unnecessary clutter. So, until I can afford a house cleaner, a small house it shall be!

3. I'm 8 weeks pregnant!!! (I know you knew I was pregnant, but now you're reminded as to how far I've come) Yippee!!! Hopefully, less than 4 weeks and the morning sickness will be gone and I'll be feeling somewhat normal, except for the alien movements coming from my stomach area.

4. I must vacate the premises of my house tomorrow for 1 1/2 hours (we're having a Realtor open house), while feeling terribly crappy and keeping myself from puking and Maddox happy all at one time. Sheesh, that was exhausting just typing that. Maybe Target will make my heart sing.


thesticklergirl said...

Have you already found some places that you would like to rent when your house sells! It sounds like you could sell it quickly? We're excited for you guys and all the changes that will happen in the next year or so.

Are you eating saltine crackers? I basically lived on them for the 1st trimester!

Shelley said...

Wow...you are one busy woman! I'm glad you are feeling happy about selling your house! I bet it will be a huge relief once it is off your hands and you can maintain a smaller home.

love ya!

Nessie said...

Wow...I feel like I'm you ...or you were me. Either way, coming out of what I just came out of, reading your blog makes me tired again :-) I'll be praying for you. Take those times of relief and relaxation whenever you can get them! Love you and hope your house sells soon!

jacquelyn said...

hey,havent commented in a while... congratulations on the baby!! nausea is almost worse than the birthing part!! ....well only cuz nausea lasts for 3 months and the birth is over a some hours...
we will keep you guys in our prayers with your house. it is a great house though and you have fixed it up cute, so someone will want it!! i hear ya about downsizing, more room more clutter!

Candice said...

Wow, you've got a lot going on--thanks for the update. I hope that you feel better soon too! I haven't thrown up at all, but this past week I have had definite food aversions and nothing sounds good to eat. All for the growth of a new life inside of us! It's a small price to pay, yeah?