July 22, 2008

Sicky Morning Sickness


I woke up feeling fantastic this morning! At 10am that abruptly changed and I've hardly gotten off of the couch all day. I took a 3 hour nap this afternoon and it's been all I could do today to not throw up again. I've thrown up the last 3 days and it's not fun one tiny little bit.

I've managed to keep the house in okay shape, though. Just doing little things when I get a 5 min. burst of not feeling like I could puke.

Kyle's been totally awesome, helping out wherever I need and playing with Maddox and helping me satisfy all of my strange cravings.

I'm a terrible pregnant person because most food sounds totally nasty except for like one thing and that's the only thing that will satisfy my desire. It's not that I just prefer that one thing, it's literally the only thing I can stomach, anything else will make me dry heave.


cheryl said...

You poor girl!I totally understand that feeling. What strange cravings are you having? I never had any. I'm glad Kyle can help out. What a great guy!

Shelley said...

What's the one thing?