July 3, 2008


So, I've totally be a slacker at writing lately. Summer's here and we've been busy, but nothing too terribly exciting to write about.

Maddox is now 16 1/2 months old and is quite the boy. He loves being outside, so I'll open up the back door and he just comes in and out as he pleases. He also loves playing in water, so sometimes I'll turn on the hose for him and he'll just go to town. To be young and care-free!

I've been working on little projects here and there that need to be done around the house. I've been setting a goal of working on a project for 1 hour during Maddox's naptime. I was able to get the bathroom painted in just 2 1/2 hours! I couldn't believe how little time it took! Now, it's sparkly white from ceiling to baseboard. I decided to go with a white because of our lovely blue bathtub. I didn't want to attempt to match any color of paint to that.

All of our lighting fixtures in the house are brass colored, so I've been spray painting them silver because I'm too cheap to go buy all new replacement lights. I did buy a new white one for Maddox's room because his was UGLY and a coat of silver spray paint wouldn't have helped one bit.

I've also been diligently working at sorting through stuff and boxing up stuff that we don't need right now so it can be put in the garage (we have a terrible lack of storage) and making piles of stuff to get rid of. I don't know how on earth we've accumulated so much stuff in 4 years of marriage! It's unbelievable!

Kyle is playing on our mens church softball team so he's had 2 games a week, so Maddox and I have been tagging along to those when the games aren't too late. I get to go and chat with all the wives and chase after Maddox, it's great fun!

So, there's a completely boring update for you! I'll throw in a few pictures for you to enjoy!
Uncle Tyler's Hair Styling

Swimming for the Second Time Ever

Brr...Grandma, that's Cold!


Dude, boxes are cool, you should get one!

Hose Time!

First Cheeseburger"Snuggle" time with Grandma (in other words, Maddox doesn't snuggle)
Auntie Nicole, Faster!

Shootin' the Breeze with Uncle Tyler


Nicole said...

CUTE CUTE CUTE PICTURES!!! :-) Tyler and I miss you guys LOTS!!!

Shelley said...

Awh. makes me lonely for you guys! I want to squish that little fella and I want to go to tea with you and hang out!

love ya!

Shelley said...

I saw your comment on Meggie's blog and it said that you are painting today. Whatcha painting? And what color?

Shelley said...

yo yo yo...it's time to write so mo'

Candice said...

Nice to hear how things are going. I am terrible at writing too these days...blah blah, anyways, we should get together one day now that we're in the same state! I'm glad you're enjoying life and your family, don't say your life is boring, what sweet things you've been blessed with in this life. You have been so richly blessed with a great family, husband and sweet little boy. Anyways, just wanted to say hi! Hope you have a great day!

Tyler said...

Good pictures! That was a fun week, it was awesome seeing you and Maddox for so many days in a row.