March 27, 2008

What We've Been Up To This Week

Spring Break to most adults without kids of school age doesn't mean a thing. But, since Kyle is a youth pastor, we get the fun job of entertaining the kids during Spring Break. So, we put them to work. The youth have 3 designated rooms in our church that was just completed about 6 months ago. They were boring, very, very boring. All the walls were this tannish green color. We wrangled up some opinions and got to work designing what we were going to do in the youth worship center (the biggest of the 3 rooms). Since the room is so large, we decided not to paint every wall in there and just add some pizzazz to them instead. Saturday, Kyle and I went to the church with 3 kids and spent 5 hours taping. Yes, it was thrilling.

Here's what it looked liked after we taped: (this is the front wall where the stage will be)

Monday, we spent another 5 hours at the church (this time with 10 kids) and we painted a few of the colors. Here is the end result of Monday: (That's me with the blue shirt on)

This is one of the side walls:

I went over on Monday night while Kyle had Bible study and I pulled the tape. Tuesday night we went back over and retaped for the second phase.

Wednesday morning, we had 6 kids come over and help us finish the painting, we were there for 4 hours. Here's the completed room:

Doesn't it look cool! So we from boring to fun! The stripe runs all the way around the room. So cool! And now, the blue chairs don't stand out like sore thumbs.

Today, my high school girls are coming over to watch 5 hours of Pride and Prejudice. Yes, they're crazy, but hey, isn't that what Spring Break is all about!?!


Katie said...

that really looks cool ... I like the dark brown/blue combo, and then the tan on the sides. the stripes give it kind of a retro feel! Good job!

Shelley said...

LOVE IT!!!! Very cool. Did Kyle come up with the design or you or one of the kids?

Hey...what day are you getting to Boise? I'm planning out my schedule of when I'm meeting up with people and want to have a free afternoon for our Rembrandt's embroidery extravaganza!

Shelley said...

ugh..and why aren't you watching the Pride and Prejudice with the CUTE Mr. Darcy.

Kyle said...

I came up with the general idea, and gave it over to the kids for approval and to help decide the colors. The kids did an awesome job with all of that!

Anonymous said...

that does look cool, and fun ! i love painting!

some friends of mine about 5 years ago convinced me to watch that movie and i was so annoyed, i thought i would be bored and i ended up LOVING it! something about the olden days and the beauty and i dont know, it is just great.

Candice said...

Hey Emily,

That looks really great. Thanks for sharing the pictures and the process of it all:)

Molly said...

Good job. You did a great job of painting and I'm sure that the kids will love it even more because they were a part of it. Pride in ownership!

Also - glad to see that you are influencing the next generation with the RIGHT Pride & Prejudice. I hope you all had a blast :)