March 22, 2008

Beautiful Weather

It's 61 outside today! Even though 61 doesn't sound warm, it really does feel warm. I wore capris and flip-flops because I went on jean and tennis shoe strike today. I didn't know it was going to be warm outside, I just wanted to feel like it was warm outside. So, God decided to bless me with a warm day to boot.

I'm happy.

And, soon, yes, very soon, I will be in 70 degree weather for a whole week!

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Candice said...

Emily! Your post today made me laugh out loud:) It's funny how one's body changes when you live in a warm climate year round. 60 degrees is now cold to me! Hah! And the whole flip flop and capri thing--so funny:)I remember being the same way and will be again soon when we move back...well, I appreciate your posts. It's great keeping up with you. That's crazy your brother is married, but so is mine now too. I'll tell you that story another time. Well, I look forward to seeing you and your family, meeting your little boy soon:) Well definitely have to connect and hang out when we get back!