March 18, 2008

Tuesday Favorites: TV shows

I tried writing this post last week and something happened, and I lost it all. So, I'll try again this week since it's Tuesday again. My Tuesday Favorites list, is inspired by the Unsinkable Kristen, neighbor to my sister Shelley (in that they both live in TX).

Kyle and I love TV and I want to break my favorites up into categories and share them with you.


Lost (ABC- Thursday nights)- Who doesn't enjoy a show where plane crash survivors are trapped on an island? I have to admit when I first saw the previews for it, I was like, "that looks so dumb, how cheesy can you get?" But, Kyle and I were encouraged to watch it by some friends and we did and got hooked pretty early on in the series. It's had it's ups and downs, but it overall a great show with lots of drama.

Heroes (NBC - Not currently airing) - This is a GREAT show. Again, I thought it was going to cheese-ball like Fantastic 4 type of thing where they all just do good and defeat the bad guys type of thing. But, this is so much more complex than that. All these people start developing special talents/gifts and they don't know what to do with them. You just fall in love with the characters and can't help but want to watch episode after episode after episode.

Dramedy: (Not laugh your heart out funny, but definitely comical)

Monk (USA - Reruns every day, new episodes coming this summer) - You can't help but love the OCD homicide detective. So many quirks, yet so smart. The chemistry between him and the other detectives and his assistants is just too funny. He's such a sad little man at the same time. I wish I could just give him a great big hug! The only dumb thing is that Jan, from The Office, was cast as his late wife (flash backs), it just doesn't fit.

Psych (USA - Reruns on Friday nights, new episodes coming this summer) - Sean isn't really psychic, he just has a knack for noticing details. But, the only way he can help out the police department solve cases is by his alias that he's psychic. They don't fully believe him, but because he's so good, they hire him to help out. Gus, his best-friend and side-kick, goes along for the ride, and has the driest sense of humor. So funny.


30 Rock (NBC - New episodes April 10th!) - This show is written by Tina Fey (SNL) and has a ton of former and current SNL actors. It's laugh-out-loud non-stop through most of the episodes. I didn't think it would be funny at all, but, yet again, I was proved wrong. It's a type of farce on very stereo-typical New York TV networks.

The Office (NBC - New episodes April 10th!) - Need I say more? A farce on typical office life. Every type of personality imaginable. Michael, the boss, is clueless about anything and everything. In trying to be "politically correct", he offends people left and right.

Reality: (Uh, not my reality, but hey, it's cheap entertainment)

Amazing Race (CBS - not currently airing, usually just one season a year) - The only reality tv show I would ever try out for. It's won like 10 Emmy's for the best reality tv show. Definitely worth a watch. Basically, 10 teams of 2 race around the world. At each "pit stop" the last team to arrive is eliminated. They have to do lots of crazy challenges and puzzles. I can't even imagine how exhausted they must be by the end. Go Amazing Race!!!

Survivor (CBS - Thursday nights) - Classic Reality TV. Stick 18 people on an island watch them die one at a time. No, not really, nobody dies. They just vote each other off each week. I've been hooked on this one for probably 6 years and I haven't missed an episode of a single season. I know, I'm pathetic like that. I never remember from year to year who wins or anything like that, I just enjoy watching.

Beauty and the Geek (CW - Tuesday nights, just started last week) - Social Experiment. They put a group of beauties (former pageant queens, models, etc.) in a house with a group of geeks (oh, man, they're geeky) and they participate in challenges that test their knowledge on certain things (geeks are usually tested on girly things, beauties are tested on geeky/techy things) and the teams that win send people to the elimination room and they have to answer questions. The team that does the worst, goes home. They go in with a lot of pre-conceptions about the others and I think really leave with changed perspectives on people that don't look or act like them. They kind of learn not to "judge a book by it's cover".

Jon & Kate Plus 8 (TLC - Monday nights) - An everyday family with a set of twins and set of sextuplets. Makes me feel like I shouldn't be so frazzled with just one child. I couldn't imagine having 8, but they definitely run their household like a well-oiled machine. I like that they don't make this family seem perfect, because really, who's perfect?

There you have it! My Tuesday Favorites!


Shelley said...

hmmm...I might want to join this just for tv or anything that is my favorite?

Emily said...

Absolutely anything that is your favorite. Kristen highlights anything and everything from make-up to shoes.

Shelley said...

sweet...I might have to join in on that.

Katie said...

I love that you guys like good t.v. shows, too. Chris and I love Lost ad Heroes as well, and are huge Battlestar Galactica fans (it's really nerdy, I know, but he got me hooked!)