March 12, 2008

Too Much Cuteness Around Here!

Maddox is a full blown walker now and it's just adorable. He just walks all around the house, non stop. It's actually quite nice because it keeps him very well entertained and I can finally get stuff done around here since he's not hanging on me 24/7.

His cute little walk is all all robotic and he usually has something small in each hand that he holds out straight to the side. Must be a balance thing, not sure. But, it's cute.

The weird thing is getting used to him walking up to me! He'll walk around the corner and almost startle me because I'm not used to there being somebody else walking around the house. So funny. I'll post a little video here soon.

Sometimes, if I'm sitting on the floor he'll walk right up to me, just to give me a great big hug. So sweet! I'm telling you! I can't get enough of the cuteness! I don't deserve this!

Oh, and his 13 months tomorrow, didn't he just turn 1?


Nicole said...

Oh cute!! I can't wait to see him again and see how much he's walkin! I hope you can come the end of April like you're hoping!

cheryl said...

how cute! Bryce is almost starting to walk. he is cruising furniture like noone's business! can't wait to see the video of your little guy

Anonymous said...

I feel the same way about my 2-year old :)