March 30, 2008

Tonight at Youth Group

We're starting a new series in youth group called Guy Talk: Girl Talk. It's based off of a book and it's broken down into a 10 weeks series delving into gender specific issues. I taught the girls tonight (first high school and then middle school). It was super nerve-wracking, I've never taught anything before!!! I was definitely super nervous in the high school group, but was much more relaxed for the middle school.

I taught on appearance. I first showed this video, and then I asked a lot of questions about where our standards of beauty in America come from. My girls are so smart, they knew it was the media! I just shared with them about the importance of making sure that they are spending a lot of time developing good character because in the long run it's far more important (Proverbs 31:30) than their looks because some day their looks will go away and all that will be left is their heart. It ended up being really good and we had some great small group discussions afterwards. I wouldn't say that any of our girls really struggle with their appearance and letting it consume them, but I just wanted to the encourage them to really take the time to take care of their hearts.

The other day when we were watching Pride and Prejudice it came to this part that I felt fit the topic so well tonight. There is a ball going on and Elizabeth Bennett, her mother and a few other ladies are admiring Mr. Darcy from a distance. One of them says "what a handsome young man!" Another woman says "I hear he has 10,000 a year!". "Yes, quite handsome indeed!!!" Shortly after Mr. Darcy acts totally arrogant and prideful to the ladies and as he's walking away one of the ladies says "I guess he's not so handsome after all!"

I suppose our character does have something to do with how we come across to people!

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cheryl said...

Sounds like a good study. I'm curious now what the boys are learning.