January 5, 2009

Nesting and a Big Change

While I was away on vacation visiting my family the nesting bug hit me. Prior to going away for Christmas I was unmotivated to do anything in my house. Every room overwhelmed me and there were no decorations on any of the walls. For two days I've been a very busy bee and have accomplished a lot! My living room is actually partially decorated and Juliette's room is no longer the "box room", but her room with just a few extra things I haven't found homes for yet. Yippee! It feels SO good! I have lots of projects to work on and am just trying to do a few each day. I'll post pictures very soon.

Not an actual picture of Maddox's room. It's still in progress, pictures to come!

Last night, my baby became a little boy. We took the side off of his crib and he slept in there all night long. He didn't climb out once until this morning when he woke up and wanted to play. I was very surprised he didn't climb out once last night! Once he gets the hang of sleeping without a rail we'll move him into his twin sized bed, probably in about another 4 days or so. Our progress seems to be moving along. No pacifier, we've moved and now not sleeping in a crib! Now, just for the big one in about 9 weeks give or take, welcoming a little sister to the family!

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Cheryl said...

wow you have been a busy bee!! IS that picture really of Maddox room?
It looks like something out of a magazine or a show room!! It's great! Just to warn you.. Maddox may regress after the baby is born. Having experienced it with Bryce and hearing from my friend that her two year old did too. Just be prepared. If Juliette will be using a pacifier Maddox may want his back. etc. Glad to hear you are settling in well. How's the snow there?