January 17, 2009


I know my updates have been few and far between and for that, I'm sorry. The urge to nest hit pretty hard after our return from our Christmas trip and most of my spare time has been spent sewing and crafting and organizing! The house is really pulling together and I promise to post some pictures of what I've been up to very soon, I'm just not quite ready, yet.

For starters, here's a belly pic of me at almost 30 weeks, so just about 3 weeks ago.

And, because I like to compare, I'll throw in a picture of me pregnant with Maddox at 28 weeks.

Here are some pictures of Maddox, because I know some of you can't live without those.

On Christmas morning the first gift we gave Maddox was a stuffed animal monkey. The picture shows it re-wrapped and under the tree. Maddox wasn't impressed. They've since become best of friends, though and he is a close second to the famous "Pooh Bear".

Maddox handed Kyle the camera the other day and then posed like this, too cute!

We haven't really started potty training yet, we've just started talking to Maddox about it a lot, getting him used to the idea. I pulled out his little Ikea potty as well as a seat that goes on a normal toilet and this is what he did...

Um, yeah...it's supposed to be used something like that.


Hannah said...

You look fantastic Emily. You can really tell that you're a different shape this time around. Both are such nice bumps! Maddox is adorable too. He looks like he's got a whole lot of personality!

Cheryl said...

you look good emily! it looks to me like you carried Maddox high and this one lower... am i right? I've been working on potty trainging with Bryce for about 3 months now. He is starting to get and sits on his basketball potty seat. i also found the coolest fold up travel seat for regular toilets! (it fits in the diaper bag!)