January 27, 2009

My Pretty New Bag

I've never really carried a diaper bag since having Maddox. I've always just thrown wipes and a couple of diapers into my purse. But, with the arrival of Juliette in just a few weeks I've been feeling the need for an actual functional diaper bag since I'll have more stuff to carry around with 2 kiddos.

Kyle knows how much I stress about the cost of things because I'm such a bargain hunter, that he told me not to worry about the cost of a new diaper bag and to just buy one when I found one that I liked. He told me I could spend $80 on a new one. Sheesh, I wasn't about to spend that! I saw this one (pictured above) at Green Baby Bargains for half the regular price a few weeks ago and I let it slip through my fingers (they post one item a day) because I'm super indecisive. Any way, they brought it back yesterday and I told Kyle about it and he went online and bought it for me. Isn't he a nice husband!?!

I'm happy.