January 22, 2009

The Family Website

For those of you curious, our family website is gone. Gone. Gone. Gone. A few months back we started paying a server company to host it and yesterday it disappeared off the face of the earth. It was so cute and so well put together by my talented husband and now. it's. gone. Gone. The hosting company is trying to blame it on a hacker. Apparently, our family has enemies that we don't know about who wanted our website off of the World Wide Web.

We're starting to wonder if it's CBS that took us down. I joke not. Kyle posted about an observation he made about Survivor 2 days ago and yesterday, our site was obliterated. We think he's a conspiracy theorist and he threatened the network. Muahahaha! So, they took us down. I will not speak about his theory on this blog lest I be taken down as well.

Obviously, we don't know what really happened, but for the time being it's gone. Gone until my sweet husband decides to invest lots of time and energy into designing a new one. He's working on redoing a website for my parents' business, so that's his first priority at the moment.


Anonymous said...

that is so nuts!! the odd thing is yesterday i accidentally clicked on that link on my blog instead of this one and when your site came up i thought.... oh i didnt realize you guys still used that site. how bogus that it is gone... sorry to hear that. i know how much work it is to get a site up!!

Hannah said...

That's so crazy. I tried to check it out just last night.