June 15, 2007

Traveling with a Baby- HELP!

My husband and I are going to Florida in about 2 weeks. Sounds like a vacation, right? Well, actually, we're taking 11 high school students to Orlando, FL for a youth conference AND we're taking Monkey. Does anybody have any travel tips for traveling with a baby, especially on a Red Eye???

I'm starting to get a bit overwhelmed by the thought of such a big trip. Poor Monkey has a pretty good schedule and I'm just sure this trip is going to throw him all off. He naps very well throughout the day right now and I'm not sure how he'll do being on the go non-stop for 7 days. Monkey is SUCH an easy baby, I have so much to be thankful for for that. So, I'm just hoping that he's s trouper and just goes with the flow.

Any tips would be greatly appreciated!


pinky mcpinkerson said...

Baby Niquil?

he he...just kidding, Em!

I'll be praying your trip goes well!


Leslie Chun-Hajarizadeh said...

Chances are, since he's already an easy baby, he'll be an easy traveler too. My older sisters baby was really easy and they schlepped him all over... seriously... Europe and the US.