June 13, 2007

WFMW: Great Luvs Diaper Deal!

I received this deal over e-mail today and if you like Luvs you can't beat it! It's for buy one get one free on mega packs. I think they're normally 10.99 each. So far other than store brand, I've found Luvs to be the cheapest, even over what Costco sells. So, getting buy one get one free is an awesome deal!

Here's the actual link if my web-link doesn't work.


My two cents worth on diapers is that I LOVE Pampers Swaddlers but they tend to be the most expensive. I really don't like Pampers Baby Dry. There is absolutely no stretch to them at all, so they don't create a very good seal around Monkey's bum, if you know what I mean. I really don't like Huggies absorbancy at all. I complained and they sent me a coupon for free diapers. With the coupon I picked up the Huggies Supreme, I haven't had a chance to try them yet, so I'm not sure if their any good . Luvs aren't quite up to par with Pampers, but I think they're absorbancy is pretty good. They aren't as stretchy, but they're not bad.

Another great deal:

My husband and I were buying graduation cards at Safeway on Sunday for our graduating seniors and they have a coupon down the card isle if you buy 3 Hallmark cards you get a free 12 pack of Pepsi bottles (12oz). They have a great selection on 99 cent Hallmark cards. So, if you buy 3 cards at 99 cents each you get a 12 pack of Pepsi. Not a bad deal to me! I think I'm going to hit the card isle for Father's Day cards today and get another 12 pack of Pepsi for free!

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Crafty P said...

thanks for the great tip! we need all the free diapers we can get in our house!

Sarah said...

Thank you! We are devoted Luv's buyers because of the great quality and already low price. It'll be nice to get them for half off!

Emily (Laundry and Lullabies) said...

Thank you for the coupon! That is a great deal!

Anonymous said...

Hi Emily,

My name is Andrea and I'm working on a fun project for LUVS diapers & their new bear hug stretch feature. I read on your blog that you like using the product, so I wanted to personally reach out to you.

I couldn't find your email address, and wanted to know if you were interested in hearing more about this.

Please let me know. Take care!