June 23, 2007

Getting My Act Together

It's now been over 4 months since having Monkey and yet I still feel unorganized and like we're living in a pit of sorts. Piles of papers over take every room in the house and it never seems like we have enough storage space. Really, the only storage that we have in our house is our garage and it's difficult to find anything because we don't have much shelving or anything.

I made a pact with myself and with my husband that when I had Monkey I wouldn't "let myself go". One day we went into McDonald's and it was full of moms with their kids and none of them looked put together. I swore I would never let myself do that. To this day, I have taken a shower and put make up on every single day. I probably have time to blow dry my hair 4 days out of the week. The blow dryer scares Monkey, so I can't do it when he's awake and if I don't get to it quick enough it air dries and doesn't look good. So, I've found some decent ways of doing it that don't require blow drying, just for the days when I can't quite get to it.

Now, if only I can get my house looking as god I look every day! Now, that may come across as vain, but it's not meant that way, at all. I'm trying to streamline cleaning the house. I have to make myself VERY practical "to do lists".

Unload dishwasher
fold load of laundry

etc., etc.

If I just say "do the dishes" it's far too overwhelming and I don't do it, but if I write it out step by step I'm much more likely to get half of the kitchen cleaned rather than none of it.

I'm not really sure what the "point" of this blog was, but now that I've verbalized my frustrations, maybe I'm more likely to actually stay on task each day. Some day (maybe in 10 years) if someone just "popped in" for a visit, I wouldn't be mortified by the unsightly conditions of my house.

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pinky mcpinkerson said...

Hey, sis!

Have you checked out flylady.com? It's a pretty cool site and helps with baby steps towards organizational victory. I haven't adhered to it too strictly but it has helped to have some of her tips in the back of my mind.