March 3, 2009

This is More Than We Bargained For

It's bad.
$3,000 bad.
Good thing money isn't everything.
God is in control.

We have one car. Last night, it broke down. I am a 9 month pregnant woman who could go into spontaneous labor at any moment.


It's the one time in the last few weeks that I have begged God NOT to let her come tonight.

She didn't.

The car is being towed to the mechanic and we'll be getting a rental car in the mean-time.

Great timing.


Cheryl said...

oh no!!! Emily I'm so sorry! Didn't you just say you didn't like cars?? maybe you shouldn't have said it so loud lol.

Candice said...

I'm sorry to hear about your car situation.

Anonymous said...

I wish we had an extra car to offer! Glad to hear you will at least have a rental car. Crazy Mellanders! Hope the fix isn't too expensive!


Hannah said...

Oh no :( that's horrible! This stuff always happens at the worst time. I'm glad you and Juliette are ok though :)