March 14, 2009

The First Five Days

The past 5 days have really gone pretty smoothly. The first few nights with Miss Juliette were a little tough just because she's trying to figure out this whole eating and sleeping thing. She's getting the hang of it now, though and actually let me sleep for 5 hours straight last night! She did another 4 hour stint after that, but Maddox woke me up after about 2 of them. The adjustment of having 2 :-) I'm slowly working her into our "Baby Wise" routine and she's doing so well! She's such a content happy little baby! I've been blessed with 2 of them!

She's been eating like a champ! I haven't had a single problem nursing this time around. She's such a good little eater and quick at that! Which, of course is AWESOME being the second one I don't have to spend all day every day nursing and having a toddler to chase around!

Maddox is adjusting just beautifully. Yesterday morning was really the last "tough" time we've had. He's now randomly coming up and giving his little sister hugs and kisses and asking to hold her. Very sweet. I was able to take him to library story yesterday just the 2 of us and today Daddy took him out for a little bit. I think they're going to pick up some baseball cards and get some ice cream.

Well, I'm getting a Booby Call. Ta ta.

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Anonymous said...

So glad that she is adjusting well and so quickly! It probably helps that on the 2nd kiddo it is just the baby that has to learn the nursing thing (not Mom too!). How was your time with your parents there? I bet they were loving it!