September 18, 2008

Party Until 1am?

Apparently, Maddox thought there was a party going on without him somewhere out there last night, so he decided he couldn't be left out of whatever it was. Kyle and I were awake until after 1am this morning because Maddox would not fall asleep. Now, you have to understand something about Maddox, he always goes right to bed without hardly a fuss and is usually asleep within about 30 min. or so. So, this was a VERY rare thing for him. We were out a little later than usual at the church (Kyle had youth group and I had a baby shower to attend), but were home and he was in bed at 9:30pm. He usually goes to bed at 8:30, so really not that bad at all.

We soothed him just a couple of times, made sure he wasn't thirsty or hungry, but for the most part was left entirely alone, in his bed jabbering up a storm until well past 1am. He wasn't crying, a few times he would fuss to get attention, but talked to himself and "sang" songs to Pooh Bear.

Let's just say, I'm hoping we don't have a repeat tonight.

The End.

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jacquelyn said...

oh my, what a silly little guy... maybe he was trying to stay up for dahlias party @ 3am!! she was up at 3am for at least 2 hours! telling me she wanted to play with toys and turn the light on. oh my goodness, how do they do it?!?!?
hopefully this is a one time thing for both for you and us!