September 18, 2008

Me and My Toes

What is it with me and my poor toes!?! Remember the story of me running my big toe over with a vacuum cleaner? Not one of my finer moments.

Today, I kicked Maddox's riding fire truck and completely broke off my ENTIRE small toe nail on my right foot. It's still attached on one side, and it really hurts!!

I'm not going to take a picture, though because that would be admitting you that I have the same toe nail polish on as I did back in July and as seen in the picture then, it didn't look so hot, so let your imagination run wild.

Looks like my sister-in-law Nicole and I have about the same luck with our toes! As seen here and here. Between both of us in the last few months we've hurt 4 of our 20 toes! Let's not keep this up, k?

We get to find out if the baby is a boy or a girl in 3 weeks!!! If you were to ask Kyle he would tell you it was a waste of time because, well, it's a girl (which, I think, too, but I'm completely aware that it might be a boy, too, which, obviously, would be completely fine because I love boys and, yes, Kyle will be fine with it, too, he just knows it's a girl.) I think that was the most poorly constructed sentance ever, oh well. I have an appt. today and I should be able to schedule the ultrasound, I'm SOOOOO excited!!!!


Bethany said...

Dusty was just sure you guys were having a girl because that's what Kyle had told him a few weeks past. I finally convinced him that it was bit early to know for sure. I'm really sorry about your toes. I went through a phase of doing that quite frequently, banging up my toes. It's not pleasant. It's funny how such a small part of your body can cause so much discomfort.

cheryl said...

I was sure I was having a girl this time around and it turned out to be a boy.. so watch out. I love having two boys though. Sorry about your toes. :(

Nicole said...

Hahaha I love that you wrote about me and my toes. :-) I actually haven't had a toy accident in awhile... weird huh... but I prob just jinxed myself and I'll prob hurt it today or somethin lol. Oh well
And yes I hope you guys have a girl too! I love girls :-)

Donielle said...

Funny how we think we know what the baby is. I'm 10 weeks and we totally think it's another boy. Sometimes I think you just know! but I guess since we have a 50% chance of being wrong, it could be a total surprise too!