September 6, 2008

No News

We still have yet to hear any new news about the house. The lady purchasing it hasn't been able to touch base with her concrete guy, so, we still sit in limbo. What a fun place to be, let me tell you! Sooner or later, I'm sure we'll move forward. We're supposed to close on Wed. but I'm guessing that's not happening at this point. God really is trying to teach me patience, I'm quite sure of it.

I felt great for 3 days, and then relapsed for a half day (threw up in the morning), a full day (threw up twice) and then felt mediocre today. I'm having more good days then bad days, so that's good!

Maddox was sicky for a couple of days and so was quite grumpy, but was back to his delightful normal self today, thank goodness! Too bad it had to be during my sick days, I wasn't very pleasant, I felt bad being grumpy.


Tyler Reitz said...

Limbo can't be fun. I will keep praying that they come through!

Patience can be a hard lesson to learn sometimes. I feel like that it was I learned with the whole renting a house thing. I got so excited about it that I looked past the practical aspects of it, and God was like, "your lease is up in 2 months, chill out!" haha.

And I am glad Maddox isn't grumpy anymore. Mom told me about his "NO" answer to everything you asked him. Sounded funny.. but probably not when you had to be around it ALL day.

Can't wait to see you guys next month!

Shelley said...

I hope that you are feeling better this week and don't have any more relapses into vomitville!

Grrr....waiting on other people to get their act together is so frustrating. Especially when it comes to something like selling your house.

love ya!