June 24, 2008

Life Without a Dog

It's a glorious life!

It's strange because I expect to hear her trotting around the house, and I don't. I expect to have 2 eyes on me practically at all times, and I don't. I expect to have one more thing expecting me to feed them, and I don't.

It's weird, but VERY liberating!!!

I can focus more time on other things than an anxious dog, it truly is glorious.

And, I know that she is loving her new life of sleeping in beds :-)


Shelley said...

The lack of dog hair is definitely a perk :)

Nessie said...

I have to say that I am completely jealous... I feel badly, but I am so tired of having Ivy around. i think it may just be because our house is so small and she always seems to be in the way...begging or just being in the way.
it would hurt Aaron to hear me say it, but after having kids, dogs are no longer a priority in my life... I'm sure I'd end up missing her a little though.