June 27, 2008

4 Year Anniversary

Kyle and I both missed our 4 year anniversary (June 19) while he was gallivanting around Mexico and me, Idaho. So, we have a sitter lined up tonight and we're going to dinner, a movie and to pick out water bottles at REI. I know, it's amazing, isn't it? Water bottles at REI for our anniversary! We've been wanting new high quality water bottles for quite some time now and REI is kinda far away. But, we decided to eat at California Pizza Kitchen tonight and there is a theater right there, too. So, we can kill all our birds with one stone, it's pretty awesome. My Mom and Grandma are wonderful and gave us a little $$ for our anniversary, and we have free movie tickets! Yeah!


Nicole said...

Hope you have fun!!

Shelley said...

Hap Happy Anniversary!!

Dude...time sure flies, huh?

cheryl said...

happy belated anniversary! Have a great time together. Time out with your spouse is a good thing and also rare thing when you have kids. enjoy it!

jacquelyn said...

happy anniversary~
sometimes justin and i do boring stuff on our dates, going to target or costco, but at least we are alone! well i mean without children (=
have fun!

Nessie said...

It sounds like a lot of fun...how did your date go? ...and I don't think picking out water bottles is boring at all...after four years you know what matters...spending time with each other doing things you like! All my love!