June 22, 2008

Great Trip!

I've spent the last week visiting my family with Maddox and it's been really fun! Kyle was in Mexico with our church and I don't like being home alone, so decided to take advantage of his time away and spend the week with my parents, grandparents, younger brother and his wife. We went up the mountains for a couple of relaxing days at Nicole's aunt's condo. If only chasing a 16 month old was really relaxing!

Now, it's back home to house with one less family member :-( Faile was pickd up on Friday night. But, no more sweeping up dustpan full after dustpan full of doggy hair. It sounds like she is having a blast at her new home. She's even sleeping in their bed! Oh dear.


Nicole said...

I'm gonna miss u two!

cheryl said...

I'm bummed Emily that I didn't get to see you and get our boys together. I waited for your call:( I'm glad you had a good trip though.