October 12, 2009

Healthy Habits

I feel disorganized a lot and then I try to become more organized and run more effectively. On Sunday I make a list of how I want my days to run (wake up early, make beds, sweep floor, etc. etc.). Monday morning hits and I don't get my shower before the kids wake up and whammo, my schedule is out the window because I'm not 3 steps behind. I try to bite off too much new stuff at once.

I'm going to start incorporating one healthy new morning habit and one healthy new evening habit every few weeks so that over time I'm more where I want to be.

To start, I'm going to start getting up early and getting a shower before the kids get up. It's huge for me to get my day started off right. I'm going to start setting my alarm for 7am. I know it doesn't seem that early and it's not, but it's better that I set my alarm for 7am and have a chance to wake up instead of being woken up between 7:30 and 8 with a little 2 year old in my face. That makes me kinda grumpy.

My evening habit will be to have all of the toys put away before Maddox goes to bed. Again, not a huge thing, but it helps me to relax after he's in bed and it helps me to feel better when I wake up to a clean house

So, here it goes! 7am wake up calls and toys put away! If I find I need my wake up call to be ealier then that I'll bump it up in a few weeks. Gradual is good.

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