October 19, 2009

Chugging Along

7am doesn't seem to be coming quite so quickly and difficult any more. I'm actually starting to wake up on my own about then, so it's getting easier every day! I didn't let myself sleep in on Friday or Saturday! I will in a few weeks, but for now, I'm going to push through.

I've started drinking tea again. Nom, nom, nom :-) It makes my heart happy. I just need to remember to drink decaf or herbal after 6pm! We drank some with dinner at around 7pm the other night and neither of us could fall asleep. Oops. I need to go stock up on some new flavors for the winter. Does anybody recommend any?

I don't remember the last time I had such a full schedule, but I'm really thriving in it. Keeps me motivated knowing that I have places I need to be at certain times. I'm doing the Beth Moore Daniel study on Tues. at 10am with a wonderful group of women of all ages. I'm leading a small group with some high school girls one day a week, every other week I have play group at the church 2 mornings a month and that's a blast (the kids are actually playing SO well together this year because they're a bit older) and then one morning a month I have a Women's Ministry team meeting. A bonus is is that most of what I do have some great friends participating, so I get to see them 2-3 days a week!

Alright, off to shower before the kids wake up!


Anonymous said...

Have you ever tried rooibos tea? I got hooked on it while we were in South Africa... and I definitely drink it the South African way as well - add milk! I've been drinking it at night now that the weather has been getting colder.. very comforting!

Cheryl said...

i've never even heard of nom tea, so I can't recommend a flavor. I'm proud of you for stinking to your schedule. I decided to start trying that as well. I am a morning person and so it makes sense to have the me time in the morning instead of after the kids go to bed at night. thanks for sharing your thoughts and struggles.

Shelley said...

Rock on! You are doing so great!

Anonymous said...

I know it isn't a new flavor but I just LOVE Good Earth Original tea... and they have it in regular AND decaf too. I drink coffee in the morning when I do my reading time, but I like a good cup of tea in the evening :)
I hope you are able to keep up your morning time - it has been awesome for me!


Anonymous said...

There's a Stash Tea store by Bridgeport that has all sorts of flavors... and I'm pretty sure they are cheaper there than the grocery store!

Amanda S.