October 28, 2009


I'm happy to say that my early hour awaking is a habit! I only slept in until 8 one day and that felt like such a treat :-) The disappointing part is is that Maddox has woken up around the same time as me 4 days in a row. Maybe I need to start getting up earlier. *gasp* I'm not ready for that!

The toys have even mostly been put away at the end of each day, too!

Hm..now it's time to incorporate something else. The next thing I'm going to tackle is after breakfast completely cleaning the kitchen. I tend to leave it half done because the kids need to be dressed and played with, etc. So, here's to completely cleaning up the kitchen after breakfast, including sweeping the floors and spot mopping! The same will go for after dinner. I don't just want the dishes done, I want everything wiped down and "company ready"!

Here it goes!


Shelley said...

you can do it!!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the early waking habit :)
We are focusing on keeping the dining table clean so we WANT to sit there for dinner... rather than just dumping things on it!
Good luck on your cleaning the kitchen thing... Maddox could spot mop for you!


Nessie said...

OH my goodness...I am inspired once again! I needed to hear even that little bit from you to get any momentum at all to start some new habbits myself. I think to much and act too little. I hope you get all your goals accomplished until they're habbits! Great going Emily!!!