September 11, 2007

Shopping for Free

Have I mentioned how much I love shopping for free? I just wanted to share about the stuff I've bought in the last 2 weeks for practically free. For a total of .47 cents in the past two weeks I have bought been given:

Pantene Pro-v Hair Spray
Aquafresh toothbrush
Zantac Cool mint packages (x2)
Rimmel Make-up Foundation
Shout Stain Remover
Degree Deodorant
Post-it notes (x3)
Colgate Toothpaste
Imodium AD
Revlon Foundation
Back Aid
10 pack Bic pens (x2)

All of this I have been gotten for a total of $.47 cents. Count it, 47 cents! Since we don't have sales tax, I have paid just .47 cents for everything listed above by shopping at a combination of Walgreens, Riteaid and Target. Kyle and I aren't big medicine people but because the above medicine was free I picked it up any way and next time our church sends somebody to Africa we'll send it with them to the clinic our church partners with. The only downside is is that all of this is free
after rebate, so I do have to front money. But, Riteaid lets you enter your receipts online and at the end of the month you request a check and they send it out and get it about 2-3 weeks later. Walgreens I just send out at the end of the month in one envelope. The stuff from Target was free after coupons. Any way, I guess you could call this my fun hobby, I love shopping, so shopping for free is way more fun! Plus, often times I'm able to pick up things that we use on a regular basis. I do this every single month. I'm guessing that in the last 5 months I've picked up like $200 worth of stuff absolutely for free.

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