August 8, 2007

*Kitchen Update*

It's amazing how much easier it is to keep my kitchen clean now that it's nice and clean and organized. We had 12 people over for dinner tonight and after they all left it took me just 10 min. to unload the dishwasher and getting it spick and span again. How much easier is that then scraping off plates in a few days and spending hours instead of a few simple minutes. I like living in a clean house, it makes me happy!

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Happy House Quilts said...

I found that I found a mission after reading many might also want to add some catches people's attention...we all have such hecktic might also try carnivals...i thought you were doing the carnival but i can't find it...sorry....gotta put baby to bed now...she is fussing...thanks for visiting my blog. I love being a mom too...although today i'm pooped! Jodi