April 5, 2007

Getting Paid to Shop???

I have recently discovered that Walgreens and Riteaid will pay me to shop! Each month they have rebates on certain items and each store has about 5-6 items that are FREE after rebate! In the last couple of weeks I have gotten 5 toothbrushes, 2 tubes of toothpaste, Aleve, Body Wash, foot lotion, gel shoe insoles, hair spray and conditioner! Some of the items I have actually MADE money on because I had a manufacturers coupon that gave me $1-2 off. Walgreens and Riteaid refund you the full amount of the item, so if you have coupons that free money in your pocket! On the Aleve I bought yesterday they actually had a manufacturers coupon right on the shelf with the Aleve.

With Riteaid you can submit everything online and you receive your check within 2-3 weeks. Walgreens you have to send in and it can take up to 6 weeks, but if you request your money back on a gift card they give you an extra 10%, how great is that!?!


jacquelyn said...

i love your new site!!!
so cute! where did you get the design?
how fun!
furthermore, i am interested in this getting paid to shop thing, we need to chat about this when i see you!

Emily said...

Hi Emily,
I just put up a post on cloth diapering answering your questions. I hope it helps!

Brandi said...

That is a really good idea! I need to learn how to be more frugal with my money, as I am hoping to not work when I have a baby! It will be a while before we have one, but it's nice to know these things ahead of time!