April 11, 2007

Free Digital Prints

I have ordered 70 digital photos online for free (well, $.99 total for shipping)! I went to winkflash.com and for first time orders they give you 50 free prints! The shipping is only $.99. So, I ordered 50 prints for $.99. Then, I went to Snapfish.com and they offer 20 free prints for first time orders and if you use the coupon code FREESHIPAPR the shipping is free! Can't beat 70 prints for $.99!

Now, I can get started on Monkeys baby album which, won't hardly cost me a dime! My dear Sister-in-law gave Monkey a baby album for Christmas and a good friend gave me tons of scrap booking supplies as a baby gift! So, for about $.99 I'll be able to put a whole baby book together!


Rae said...

I love Snapfish! They have so many great offers they send you all the time, definitely a good place to have an account. I'll check out the other place, thanks for the link!

Pinky said...

Can't wait to see the little monkey's album when you are done with it! With such a photogenic subject I'm sure it will be wonderful! Love ya!