September 1, 2009

So I Have This Sister...

We're not actually blood related, but I think I've known her for about 10 years and she's been apart of my family for over 7. She's a very influential person in my life. She e-mails me with cute pictures and before you know it, she's talked me into making things for her...

Like these owls:

And this squirrel:

And this flag garland:

And, I've even made her one of these (not these colors, Shel):

I'm a self-taught crocheter and knitter. It's amazing what you can find on Youtube. Shelley challenges a special piece of my brain. The part that needs follow patterns and count my stitches(like the owls and squirrels) and to entirely make up my own patterns (in the case of the garland and apple cozy).

One thing I've learned is that I have to write down the patterns that I am making up as I go along or else when I sit down again to work, I've completely forgotten what I was doing. I always think I'll remember, but I don't.


Cheryl said...

These are super cute! Such talent Em. It's always nice to have that special someone that teaches us something new about our selves.

someonefamiliar said...

wow good work emily. that is impressive! there is no way my head would wrap around that!
very cool!
cant wait to see the hat in the mail!
thanks so much!

Shelley said...

awh, are the bestest. I am so thankful that you would try to tackle these lil projects for me. I consider you my sister too. LOVE YOU!!!!