November 7, 2008

Moving...So Soon?

Or is it so late?

I received a call from our Realtor today and we might be signing papers on our houses next Friday! Which means we'd get our keys on Tuesday and could move the weekend before Thanksgiving. I should have more information on Monday, but that's what it's sounding like. Yippee for moving into my cute new house!

On the garage sale front, I feel like we had a very successful day! We were open from 9-1 and were busy almost the whole time. We'll be open again tomorrow for 4 hours and at Noon and everything is 50% off, I want it all gone gone gone! I love purging.


Meggie said...

WOW!! I'm so happy for you guys! I want to get you a housewarming gift, but then that would go against the whole purging thing! I"m glad to hear your garage sale went well-- who would have thought you would be busy in November. Cool. Must be a God thing. I want to come and help you pack.... I would if I could.

Tyler Reitz said...

EXCITING! We're in the same boat! 2 cute new house:)