July 2, 2007

Up Up and Away

It's pretty amazing to me that my 4 1/2 month old son is already a well seasoned traveler. By next Monday he will have been on 8 planes and by the middle of July, 10...

Today, at 8pm my handsome family heads to the airport to meet up with 10 of our high schoolers and one more leader who are going Florida with us! Our plane departs around 11:30pm. I'm praying that there is an extra seat on the plane for Monkey so that we can bring his car seat. I think he'll sleep most of the way, whether in his car seat or not, it would just be nicer if one of us didn't have to hold him the entire time. We arrive in Florida at 11am tomorrow. With the time difference it's about 7 1/2 hours of travel time. Then, we have to pick up our rental car and meet up with the shuttle that will be taking us to the convention center and hotel where we're staying. We have a few hours to get settled in, enjoy the HOT, HUMID thunderstorms and then at 3 the conference begins. Thousands upon Thousands of high schoolers from all across the country, meeting in one place to worship the Creator of the Universe, I'm SO excited!

The conference ends at 11pm on Saturday, we switch hotels and then spend one glorious day at Disney World! Monday afternoon, we pack up and head home, exhausted beyond belief.

Now, it's 10:10am, we have last minute things to take care of, so I'm signing off, see you next week!

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thesticklergirl said...

He is quite the traveler :) I hope it all went well.. I'm praying for you while you are gone - and for your back to not affect your time in FL.

I finally found your blog that you had mentioned - I didn't know how to link to it!